Value Mapping

Value mapping is the ability to map the data values themselves, independent of the property names. For example, you may want to create the below value mapping:

Source Data

    "size": ["Small", "Medium", "Large"]

Mapped Data

    "size": ["S", "M", "L"] // note that the property name can be different, Lume will do the property mappings + value mapping together, if applicable

How to value map?

To map values, leverage the enum property in your pipeline’s target schema. Enums allow you to use AI to classify data into your internal enum definitions.

For example, if your internal models work with product sizes as “S”, “M”, “L”, and you desire for all incoming data to map to one of these values, define the target property like. below. Any source data provided then will be classified into this enum, if the AI finds source data for product size (e.g. successfully maps the property).

    "state": {
        "description": "The size of the shirt product",
        "type": "string",
        "enum": ["S", "M", "L"]

Editing enum classifications is not supported yet, but soon will be. Reach out to support for help regarding this topic.