Mappers store the mapping logic to map data from source data to the pipeline’s target schema.

Lume provides multiple levers to edit your mapping logic. All levers are outlined further on step 2 below.

  • Manually Edit Mapper
  • Edit Target Schema
  • Suggest Data Samples

Editing Mapper


Initiate a workshop

You can initiate a workshop by calling Create Workshop with either a job_id or a pipeline_id. This returns a Workshop object.


Edit the mapper

There are three ways to edit the mapper. Indicate these edits in your payload to Run Workshop, and Lume will regenerate the Mapper based off of your edits.


Deploy the edits

After making edits, save them through either

  1. Deploy Workshop.
  2. Setting auto_deploy = true in a workshop edit flow, in the prior step.

This will update the Mapper in the corresponding pipeline for future jobs.