This guide provides a step-by-step process to review a flagged job in the pipeline.

Step 1: Navigate to the pipeline detail page of the flagged job.

Step 2: Click the workshop of the job flagged for review. This action will lead to the workshop editor.

Step 3: Look at the source record viewer on the left. Here, the count of finished and flagged mappings across all records is visible.

Step 4: Use the dropdown to view the flagged warning icon for each flagged record and their corresponding index.

Step 5: Click to view the errors in the selected record. For instance, for record zero, there were two flagged errors, the published scope and the status. The error description is also provided.

Step 6: Use the error information to make the necessary edits in the workshop.

Step 7: After applying the edits and the workshop status changes to Finished, save the workshop to apply the changes.