After generating mapping logic, it is common to review it to know if you should make any edits before mapping more data. Once reviewed, you can confidently use this pipeline’s mapper for future job runs. You can review

  1. Mapped Data
  2. Mapping logic

Review Mapped Data & Mapping Logic

To review the mapped data and mapping logic, you must fetch your designated Mapping. Follow the steps below:


Access the job result

Fetch the job’s result you want to review.

Call Get Results From Job with job_id and retrieve the most recent Result.

Verify the result status. This will tell you more information on type checking results. Learn more in the Status page.


Get the mappings

Call Get Mappings For Result with fetched result’s result_id. This returns a mapping, which stores the mapped data, mapping logic, and confidence scores.


Review mapped data

Review the mapped data, the mapping logic, and the confidence scores to discern if the results are as expected, or if you should edit the mapper via a Workshop. See Mappings to learn more about how to access the above information.