The Lume Typescript Client Library is currently in beta. Please reach out to support if you have any questions, encounter any bugs, or have any feature requests.


Download the Typescript Client Library using your favorite package manager.

npm install @lume-ai/typescript-sdk


Create a new pipeline and map data.

import { Lume, PipelineCreatePayload, JobCreatePayload, Job, Pipeline, Result, Mapping } from '@lume-ai/typescript-sdk';

const lume: Lume = new Lume('api_key')

const createPipeline = async () => {
    const pipelineCreatePayload: PipelineCreatePayload = {
        name: 'pipeline_name3',
        description: "description",
        target_schema: {
          type: "object",
          properties: {
            f_name: {
              type: "string",
              description: "The first name of the user",
            l_name: {
              type: "string",
              description: "The last name of the user",
          required: ["f_name", "l_name"],

      const createdPipeline = await lume.pipelineService.createPipeline(
      return createdPipeline;

const createJob = async (pipelineId: string) => {
    const jobCreatePayload: JobCreatePayload = {
        data: [
            first_name: "John",
            last_name: "Doe",
            first_name: "Jane",
            last_name: "Doe",

      const createdJob = await lume.jobsService.createJobForPipeline(

      return createdJob;

const run = async () => {
    // create pipeline and job
    const pipeline: Pipeline = await createPipeline();
    const job: Job = await createJob(;

    // trigger the mapping generation
    const result: Result = await lume.jobsService.runJob(;

    // parse the results and iterate through all mapped records
    const mappingsPage = await lume.resultsService.getMappingsForResult(; 
    const mappings: Mapping[] = mappingsPage.items;

    for (const mapping of mappings) {
        console.log("mapped record", mapping.mapped_record)



Refer to the Typescript Client Library Methods and Classes for more information.

Issues / Questions

Please reach out to support if you encounter any bugs, have any questions, or have feature requests.