After running a job to create a mapper, you can use it as an embedded pipeline in your code. This is especially helpful to create pipelines where similar data will come in, and you need to embed a static mapper after creating it with Lume.


Get pipeline

Call Get Pipeline to retrieve the pipeline.


Create a job for the pipeline

Call Create Job with the pipeline_id from the fetched pipeline, and pass in the new source data you need to map.


Run the job

Call Run Job to begin generating the mapper. Use job_id from the created job.

Wait until the job finishes. This can take a one to several minutes, correlated to the complexity of the schemas.


Retrieve mapped data

Call Get Mappings For Result with result_id. This returns a Mapping (mapped data).

To learn how to parse the mapped data, see Mappings. After retrieving the data, pipe it to your next destination.