After running a job, a mapper will be generated and applied to the job’s source data. Then, schema enforcement is executed, which reviews the output mappings for any invalidations.

If a job is marked for review, you will see the Result.status marked as NEEDS_REVIEW. You can find the target properties that were flagged for review viewing after querying for a job’s mappings, in the Mapping.message property.

Structure of needs review messaging

Lume flags specific target properties for review. This will be represented by a json in the Mapping.message property. Each parent key of the message json value will be a flagged target property. The corresponding value is an object with error_message and error_type.

  • error_message: the description of why the property was flagged for review. Use this to edit or to show the user to edit as necessary.
  • error_type: the error type. Use this to bucket errors into different workflows. The only supported error is Type Error.


 "message": "{'f_name': {'error_message': \"'f_name' is a required property that does not exist within the target schema.\", 'error_type': 'Type Error'}, 'last_name': {'error_message': \"None is not of type 'string'\", 'error_type': 'Type Error'}}",