To edit the Lume generated mapping logic, use any of the multiple levers Lume provides.

This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on updating the source schema property from which the target property pulls. This can be achieved through two methods: manual assignment of the source property or setting a constant.

Manual Assignment of Source Property

Step 1: Click the Spec tab.

Step 2: Select Manual Assignment.

Step 3: Choose Extract. This action allows for the selection of a different source property.

Step 4: Click Update Source Property.

Setting a Constant

Step 1: Click the Set Constant tab. This action enables the setting of a constant.

Step 2: Set the desired constant. In this example, it’s set to null.

Step 3: Click Set Default to assign this mapping to a default.

After completing these steps, wait for the mapping to apply. The output logic will then be visible.