Parsing the spec

The spec represents the mapping logic for each target property. The parent keys represent each target property. Within each target property, the spec contains

  1. @sources: the source properties used to map to the target property,
  2. @default_values: the fallback values if the source property does not exist. Most commonly, this is null.
  3. confidence_scores: [Optional] Confidence score of the lookup table generated. This will only apply to target properties that run the classifier, namely, the ones that have an enum. Confidence values are separated in buckets of Confident, Very High, High, Medium, Low, Very Low, and Incorrect.
  4. @lookup: If your target property is bound by an enum in the target schema (e.g. you are creating a lookup table classification), then this optional property contains the master lookup table generated for the target property.

Confidence Scores is in Alpha and executes only for enums smaller than size 1000. Reach out with feedback or questions regarding your confidence scoring.

"f_name": {
    "@sources": ["first_name"],
    "@default_values": []
"l_name": {
    "@sources": [
    "@default_values": []