When making edits in a workshop, one option is to manually edit the Mapper logic. Currently, Lume supports the below manual edits:

  • One to one
  • Default
  • Lookup Table

Structuring the mapper logic

To make manual edits, you submit the edits to the mapper property in Run Workshop. Learn more in the Edit Mapper Guide.

Edits are made on a per target property basis. Thus, the manual edit payload will be a list of objects, where each object has two parent keys:

  1. targetField, which is the target field the mapping edit will be applied to.
  2. transformation: the transformation to be applied for this target field. Below are the options on how to build the transformation payload

Set two properties:

  1. extract: the source property to extract the one-to-one mapping from.
  2. default: [optional] the default value if the extract property is not present. If extract is not set, then the mapping always defaults to this value. Not a required property.
1-1 Extract Manual Edit Example
   "targetField": "internal_id", // target field transformation is being applied to
   "transformation": {
       "extract": "id", // source property to extract one-to-one mapping to

// ... more edits